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'Willis would take Super Bowl over Pro Bowl'

Willis McGahee

Don Soldinger, the University of Miami running backs coach, said that he expects Willis McGahee to be a team player, despite the hefty contract he's expected to sign. Soldinger doesn't think money will change McGahee. Soldinger also discusses with Mike Doser his system of alternating talented tailbacks during games and how Miami manages to sit superior players who are the nation's definitive pro running back prospects.

Mike Doser: I think it's going to be tough for the Bills to have two starting-level tailbacks splitting time. Something happens when players start making money. They want to be the focal point. That might be difficult to do. Soldinger: I know why that's difficult to do, because their contracts are all incentives. A lot of contracts are. Whether it's difficult to do, it's the best thing to do for... Recommended Stories