Jim Poore is back with his Week 5 picks column against the spread...

Since I had another pretty lousy week because of the topsy turvy NFL, I thought it might be interesting to try something different this week ( no not skip my column for those hoping). Since most of what I have been doing lately has been wrong, I thought I would pick the opposite of what I am thinking for this week's games. For anyone that is a fan of Seinfeld, this is a reference to the episode where George did the opposite of everything he ever did. It got him a job with the New York Yankees. As Jerry said to George in that episode, "If everything you have ever done in your life is wrong, then the opposite must be right". May be that will work for me. Of course, now the teams that are expected to win will win, totally messing up my theory. And I am very superstitious, so if I do have a pretty good week, perhaps I will try my luck being opposite again next week. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
As always, home team in CAPS.
Arizona  1  ST. LOUIS
The Cardinals survived a scare last week, and the Rams actually are ok. The Cardinals have remained undefeated but we will see how long it lasts. Their offense needs some help. Being at home though I will take the Rams to end the Cardinals streak.
Rams  20-17
Baltimore 8  KANSAS CITY
The Ravens have had a couple of extra days to get ready for this game, but they might not need it. The Chiefs really struggled last week, but may be they will get their act together for this game. Yeah, sure why not. They will at least cover.
Ravens  23-21
The Packers winning last week might get them going, but the Colts have had an extra week to get ready. They will also be playing with heavy hearts as their Head Coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed this week with a mild form of leukemia. I think that the Colts could be playing with some emotion, but I think Green Bay might go on a roll. I'll take the Packers here.
Packers 30-20
The Bears have a short week but lucky for them they are playing Jacksonville. The Jaguars certainly are not much. It is a good thing they have Maurice Jones-Drew. I like them this week though. In the topsy turvy world called the NFL, anything can happen.
Jaguars  24-23
NEW YORK GIANTS  7 1/2  Cleveland
For some reason, and I can't explain it, my gut is telling me that the Browns are going to upset the Giants this week.
Browns  26-24
Atlanta  3  WASHINGTON
The Falcons, like Arizona, escaped last week to remain undefeated. The Redskins are tough to figure out, but they did win last week.  I think this is the week that the Falcons finally lose.
Redskins  27-21
SAN FRANCISCO  9 1/2  Buffalo
The 49ers looked like world beaters last week, and the Bills totally lost control of a game they definitely could have won. I know the 49ers are very good, but I am pretty sure Buffalo was overrated. However, the 49ers could be due for a letdown after last week's great performance. I'll take the Bills to upset the 49ers.
Bills  30-26
NEW ORLEANS  3 1/2   San Diego
I am not sure if the Saints are going to win a game this year. OK, they will win a few, but not this week.  The Chargers have lost two in a row and will not have a three game losing streak this early in the season. I'll take San Diego.
Chargers  28-17
MINNESOTA  5 1/2  Tennessee
The Vikings are off to a surprising 3-1 start. I don't think anybody expected it, even people living in Minnesota. The Titans were looking to be possible playoff contenders, and then they played a game. They will win here though. Another one of those gut feelings.
Titans  20-16
CINCINNATI  3 1/2  Miami
The Bengals are another team off to a good start, but some thought they might be. The Dolphins are pretty much what was expected, not that good but a pain to play. They will be a real pain this week. I think Cincinnati might overlook Miami and they could get caught napping. I'll take Miami in a mild upset.
Dolphins  21-20
PITTSBURGH  3 1/2  Philadelphia
The Eagles are leading the NFC East, but Michael Vick needs to start playing better. The Steelers had an early bye week, and they should be fresh. But the Eagles should be able to handle their interstate rivals. The Steelers are still good but they have taken a step back.
Eagles 29-24
Houston  7 1/2  NEW YORK JETS
The Texans are flying right now, and they are the best team in the league. The Jets, on the other hand, are a mess as their injuries keep piling up. May be this is one of those games that the Texans lose when they shouldn't, which happened a couple of times last year. In fact, I think it will be.
Jets  23-20

Stinker of the Week

CAROLINA   3  Seattle
The Panthers are in need of another win and truthfully they deserve it.  Seattle lost last week, and for some reason they are very good one week and poor the next. Since they were poor last week I guess that means they will be very good this week. So I guess I have to take them.
Seahawks  27-26
Game of the Week

NEW ENGLAND  6 1/2  Denver
The Patriots ended up rolling last week, and it could be the start of a winning streak. The Broncos and Peyton Manning looked great last week. If the offense really starts to click they could be a tough out. I think the Patriots secondary is still somewhat untested. They will get tested this week, and they will fail.
Broncos  30-27
Record For Week Four: 10-5 ( 6-9 without the spread )
Record Through Week Four: 35-25-3 (27-36 without the spread )
Game of Week Record: 3-1
Stinker of Week Record:  3-1

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