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Prioleau in chat: 'We can win the AFC East'

Pierson Prioleau nails Eddie McCaffrey.

Free safety Pierson Prioleau was in the Shout! chat room for an hour Monday night, talking to Bills fans about, among other things, the Bills' prospects for winning the AFC East and contending for the Super Bowl this season. He also gave some blunt comments about NFL refereeing. This is a Shout! exclusive.

Welcome to the party, Pierson. Thanks for inviting me. I'm glad to be here, LA. What do you think of Jerry Gray? I think Jerry is a good coach and he means well and he calls defensive plays that are designed to work. We just have to execute as players. Pierson, absolutely great takedown of Holmes in the backfield yesterday. What did you see? I was just reading my keys and used my instincts... Recommended Stories